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Ole lind EN

Text by Ole Lindboe, Chief editor at the magazine art, author to several art books and editor of the tv show �Kunst i �jet�

Per Hillo is quite the phenomenon
He is a successful artist: Grand decoration assignments, among others for a hotel in Dubai, a giant painting for the headquarter of Copenhagen Energy at the new �restad, a cover to the memento CD of the recently deceased Niels Henning �rsted Pedersen and latest a giant decoration assignment consisting of more than 20 large paintings for the headquarter of Forst�dernes Bank at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen. As an artist he belongs to the ekspressive. He expresses his emotions. He says: Art must touch its receiver. Art must involve its viewer. He seeks the emotional. My art is about communication, and the way we interact with one another, he states.

Per Hillo seeks to find a harmoniously interaction between art and people. The destructivity which can be found in part of present art is far from his approach. He puts a point of honor in painting beautiful paintings which speaks to the best in the viewer. Per Hillo points towards senses and the dreamlike with his paintings. It is not meant to be understood, because art can easily be killed by talk. Rather you should sit down, meditate about the extent of the painting. Because every painting is an expression of consciousness and feeling.

Once this is grasped, you have reached step one towards the understanding of Per Hillos world of paintings.

Link til www.perhillo.dk

Visit Per Hillo Gallery, Waterfront Shoppingcenter, Tuborg Havnevej 4, 2900 Hellerup. Please - call Per Hillo at +45 51508275 or info@perhillo.dk to arrange. Always minimum 30 paintings to choose from.