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Exhibitions in New York

Agora Gallery


530 W. 25th. St. Chelsea, New York

Exhibition from June 4th till June 23rd 2009

For more information check out www.agora-gallery.com

Press release from Agora Gallery:
Per Hillo
’s paintings and sculptures are soothingly understated and unaffected, striking the perfect balance between stability and spontaneity. Hillo’s figures and shapes have an intrinsic grace, like they organically emerged out of the colors and brushstrokes that make up each painting. Yet the organic characteristics of Hillo’s art contrast its underlying orderliness. Geometric patterns and evenly distributed line work give his paintings and sculptures an egalitarian consistency, emphasizing the fact that every figure, shape and mark exists a single, flattened plane. This interaction between natural, spontaneous beauty and intentionality is what makes Hillo’s art compelling.

Ultimately, Per Hillo’s work harmonizes rawness and constancy, making eruptions of texture and expressionistic strokes seem part of a larger, ordered plan. Inspired by romanticism, Hillo constantly explores the complexities of nature and emotion, inviting his viewers to explore with him. His art belongs to numerous corporate collectors and has appeared on album covers. Hillo lives and works in Slagelse, Denmark.

Pictures from the private view

Art live WORLD

Exhibition Art Live 2009 from September 3rd 2009


chair and the maiden Gallery i New York




Pictures from the private view

Visit Per Hillo Gallery, Waterfront Shoppingcenter, Tuborg Havnevej 4, 2900 Hellerup. Please - call Per Hillo at +45 51508275 or info@perhillo.dk to arrange. Always minimum 30 paintings to choose from.