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I have had the great pleasure to receive requests for decorations of several business enterprises/companies. It is always exciting when paintings must form parts of greater coherence along with architecture and interior design. At the same time it should also create a good atmosphere for those employees who spend their day in the same room as the paintings. Do you have idea or an assignment – then let’s meet and possible inspire each other.

Gigantic painting af Griffins
How amizin it is to be asked to create a piece like the one I did at Griffins’s. 14 metres in hight and 5 metres wide. It streads from the ground floor all the way up to 4th floor, - 70 square metres in total.
It was wonderful that Griffin accepted and embraced my way to paint. . I never do sketches, I just begin and let my subconscious do the work. .
We agreed on the basic colour and I began. .

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The Bank of Suburbs.
The new head office at the Bank of Suburbs at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen asked me to paint a “frieze” – a 8 metres long painting directly on the wall in their committee room. Fortunately they appreciated the result to such an extent that they asked me to paint 5 more friezes. One on each floor in the main building. At the same they also ordered additional paintings to offices, meeting rooms and the reception.
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Copenhagen Energy
Copenhagen Energy had just built a new head office i Orestaden (part of Copenhagen) with seats to 300 employees in very light, new and modern surroundings.The assignment was to deliver 3 regular-sized paintings 140 cm x 170 cm and a huge mural painting, measure: 8 x 3 metres. The big mural was to be painted directly on the wall in a meeting/conference room…..
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Slagelse Maskinsnedkeri
A big conference room had to be decorated.The assignment was: please decorate this particular room in a way which makes it signal very high quality (the business enterprise has among others created the very beautiful wooden planking in the new Opera House in Copenhagen) - also it is important that we appreciate the result as much now as in 10 years. You are given free hands/it is left entirely up to you. .

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