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Per Hillo and the Art
”The artist Per Hillo is quite af phenomenon”

He goes his own way, often round the recognized channels of Danish art. However, one thing is clearly to accentuate; he has done remarkable well. He has been commissioned comprehensive decorations and assignments, such as the decoration of Pandora´s headquarter in Denmark. A bronze sculpture as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Many exibitions around the world - in Europe as well as in the U.S and Asia. In Hong Kong in coorperation with the Ministry og Foreign Affairs.

One could easily keep going because Per Hillo´s ability to create an interest/establish contact is unique. He never takes no for an answer due to his opinion that one needs to take a stand in regards to his work. His way of viewing life, art isn´t just art but reaches far beyond. It all comes down to communication and the way we interact. He once said: “I would like to discuss the meaning of life quality – then later we can discuss art” As artist one must characterize him as expressionistic. He expresses his emotions. New Romantic is his own term to describe his genre, which more than indicates that he goes by the emotional. Art must touch its recipient. Art must involve the spectator

Per Hilo admits to be a true romantic and in his paintings one must admit that beauty is unnecessarily detailed. Also, he sure is not afraid to use colours which others no not use quite as frequently. Gold as an example. Gold is often used in his paintings, and to Hillo is really simple: ”Gold is beautiful, but also a symbolic colour which indicates value” Back in time, the alchemists used gold as a symbol of the precious and valuable. However, gold was more than a noble metal. It was a symbol of the spiritual, - on mankind’s striving towards deeper insight. 

Based on those facts, Per Hillo clearly uses gold to signal value. To him it is all about seeking the spiritual values. Also it is about finding a harmonic interaction between man and art. Per Hillo has no desire to express that part of destructivity which is to be found in nowadays art. He makes it a point of honour to paint beautiful paintings which appeals to the best in the spectator. Art has so many rolls in nowadays society. Art either entertains or provokes. It is decorative or a devotee of the `ugly´. Hillo subscribes to neither of these. He is more likely to point out the dreamy and sensuously in his work. Based on that tact that these paintings cannot be explained. Often art is being talked to death. Rather one should take a moment to reflect on the paintings extent. To Per Hillo, each picture is an expression for consciousness and intuition.

If this gives meaning, one is on one’s way to get a feeling for Per Hillo’s world of paintings. 

Ole Lindboe

Editor of the Magazine Art, author for several books of art and editor of the television show
`Art in the eye´

Visit Per Hillo Gallery, Waterfront Shoppingcenter, Tuborg Havnevej 4, 2900 Hellerup. Please - call Per Hillo at +45 51508275 or info@perhillo.dk to arrange. Always minimum 30 paintings to choose from.